"Such an inspiring smorgasbord of striptease all staged in sexy venues with overwhelmingly appreciative audiences!"

~ Trixie Little, Brooklyn, NY

"I do have to say, that I had one hell of a time at the CBF in 2010! A true sense of community, a group of empowered women all working together to bring together one of the finest extravaganzas for one of the most active live performance audiences that The Fox has ever seen! In other words...these bitches know how to throw a party...I didn't like Denver so much the first time around...CBF brought The Fox into the light!"

~ Foxy Tann, Minneapolis, MN

"The Colorado Burlesque was such an amazing time from start to finish. From the communication from the event organizers' to the show itself, no detail was left untouched. I truly appreciated the diverse line-up of comedy and classic burlesque and incredible performances by both men and women. And as a visiting performer, I felt welcome, well-housed and well-fed. I came home letting all my peeps know that this is one of the best festivals around!"

~ Honey Lawless, San Francisco, CA

"Something very notable about this festival was how grateful the producers were. I was thanked by each of the four producers no less than twice for participating in the festival. They were very appreciative of each and every participant. We all know that festivals can't happen without performers, and they made sure the performers knew how important they were."

~ Red Snapper, Los Angeles, CA

"I was truly honoured to be invited to take part in the first Colorado Burlesque Festival in 2010, and to being able to witness the success and the joy brought on by a hard-working group of organizers. Getting to perform at a beautiful and historical venue like Lannie's Clocktower was really a unique experience. I discovered great local and international talent, enthusiastic audiences and a feeling of genuine openness. I'm looking forward to seeing this festival grow in the upcoming years, thanks to the dedication and love of the Colorado Burlesque community."

~ Emmanuelle La Gitane, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

"As a performer, I found the 2010 Colorado Burlesque Festival to be smooth and stress free. As an audience member, I found it delightfully entertaining. As a tourist, I found Denver to be a friendly and beautiful location. I can't wait to come back in 2011!"

~ Scarlett Letter, Los Angeles, CA

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