Friday July 13: VIP Showcase



Jeez Loueez (Chicago, IL)

Jeez Loueez is an award-winning performer known as "The Honey Badger of Burlesque!" A lethal combination of drama, hilarity, and killer kinetics, Jeez is a powerhouse who's taken stages across the country by storm. She took home the titles of Miss Viva Las Vegas in 2012, Shimmy Showdown Champion in 2013, and Southern Fried Burlesque Queen in 2014. She is currently ranked as the #3 burlesque figure in the world by 21st Century Burlesque. A lover of all things behind-the-scenes, she’s the creator of Jeezy’s Juke Joint: A Black Burly-Q Revue which travels throughout the midwest in addition to being the only Black burlesque festival in America. Photo by Dave Wood.


Sweetpea (Minneapolis, MN)

Sweetpea has been called a conductor of electricity, known for her fierce looks, high-powered choreography, stunning musicality, with the ability of her energy to charm any room and fill any stage.  A seven-time competitor at The Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHoF), she holds the titles of Most Dazzling Dancer (2013), Duchess of Burlesque (2016), and Princess of Burlesque (2017). Photo by Dallas Pinup.


Foxy Tann (Minneapolis, MN)

Foxy Tann has been hailed as one of "The Top 10 Burlesque Performers To Watch" by The Huffington Post, dubbed "The Boss of Burlesque," and called "A pioneer of the neo-burlesque movement" by The Minneapolis Star Tribune. Foxy resides in "The Twin Titties" and has been gallivanting about the world peeling and pontificating as one of the hardest working traveling showgirls in burlesque! When she is at home, The Fox produces 3 different shows, reigns as the “Queen of Summer,” emcees multiple annual block parties, makes the famous HardCore Pasties, builds theatrical drapes, designs her own costumes and works on the never ending project that she calls home.
Photo by Liquid Mojo Photography.


Naughty Pierre - Emcee (Denver)

Naughty Pierre has been producing and emceeing burlesque shows since 2006, mostly at The Clocktower Cabaret in Downtown Denver. From 2011-2016 he toured the country with DeSchutes Brewery’s Beer-lesque Roadshow, and for 3 summers he produced the Sunday night show at BHoF. He’s hosted in Chicago for Michelle L’amour, in New Orleans for Rick Delaup, in Kansas City for the KCBF, and in New Mexico for just about everybody. Before he found burlesque and Colorado at the same time, he was in NYC and Europe, doing stand up comedy and odd little indie films.


Ariella May Dewitt (Denver, CO)
Bang Bang Von Loola (Fort Collins, CO)
Bella Diva Dance (Denver, CO)
Boopsie (Colorado Springs, CO)
Boris Baryshnycock (Denver, CO)
Chakra Tease (Denver, CO)
Cheery Lynn (Phoenix, AZ)
Cherry Pop Pop Poppins (Denver, CO)
DupliKate (Denver, CO)
Gabby Ohhh (Albuquerque, NM)
Gabe & Martina (Minneapolis, MN)
Golden Girls (Denver, CO)
Honey Heartbreaker (Denver, CO)
Jessica L'Whor (Denver, CO)
Indy Fire (Denver, CO)
Lucy Furr (Tulsa, OK)
Mayo Lua De Frenchie (Albuquerque, NM)
Mena Domina (Santa Fe, NM)
Mimi MaShuga (Boise, ID)
Moxie Quirk (Phoenix, AZ)
Mr Fix It (Colorado)
Parker Go Peep (Denver, CO)
Shantastic & Kitty Crimson (Denver, CO)
Tease Supreme (Hot Springs, AR)
Yvie Oddly (Denver, CO)