Saturday July 14: CBF Spectacular


The Wham Bam Thank You Ma'ams feature Foxy Tann, Redbone, and Jeez Loueez. These powerhouse performers hail from Minneapolis, the Bay Area, and Chicago (respectively). They were awarded Best Group at the 2006 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend. Photo by Grinke Girls.

Redbone by JiJi Photography.jpg

RedBone (Bay Area, CA)

RedBone, "The Cyclone of Burlesque," has been featured in international burlesque festivals such as: Edmonton, Vancouver, Hawaii, Toronto, and Fierce!, as well as national burlesque festivals such as Dallas, Houston, Texas & Show-Me. Recently, she has made it a priority to glamorously and naturally hydrate the skin of humans across the globe with her new product Glam Jam -- an all-natural glitter lotion stick aka “Glo-tion For Your Motion.” This free-styling and classic dancing machine combines the all cultures that raised her for a one of kind, whirlwind performance experience. Photo by JiJi Photography.


Sweetpea (Minneapolis, MN)

Sweetpea has been called a conductor of electricity, known for her fierce looks, high-powered choreography, stunning musicality, with the ability of her energy to charm any room and fill any stage.  A seven-time competitor at The Burlesque Hall of Fame (BHoF), she holds the titles of Most Dazzling Dancer (2013), Duchess of Burlesque (2016), and Princess of Burlesque (2017). Photo by Dallas Pinup.


Gail Winns (Colorado)

Gail Winns, "The Original Twister," was a burlesque performer and emcee in the 1950's and 1960's. After getting her start as a stripteaser in Calumet City, she moved to Denver at the age of 25, where she transitioned into singing and emceeing. About her career, Gail says “I wouldn’t change a thing. I loved being in the business.” Gail is a living legend of burlesque and resides in Colorado. Photo by Photolena.


Fannie Spankings - Emcee (Denver)

Local shero Fannie Spankings has been charming audiences from Montreal to New Orleans, New York to San Diego, and back to Denver again! An illustrious entertainer at the legendary Clocktower Cabaret, Fannie was awarded Crystal Corset award at the 2011 Jim Thorpe Burlesque Festival and has been a feature emcee at Burlesque Hall of Fame weekend in Las Vegas. "Ass and Ye Shall Receive" - it's Fannie Spankings!
Photo by La Photographie.



Bender Flames (Denver, CO)
Betsy Bootknocker (Denver, CO)
Bibi Dazzle (St. Louis, MO)
Bunny Bee (Colorado Springs, CO) 
Burning Loins (Denver, CO)
Clocktower Clockettes (Denver, CO)
Cora Vette and the Chevettes (Greeley, CO)
Dr. Bones (Denver, CO)
Evangeline Cain (Colorado Springs, CO)
Honey Touche (Denver, CO)
Jacqueline Boxx (Baltimore, MD)
Kitty Crimson (Denver, CO)
Maxi Millions (Phoenix, AZ)
Nadi A’merena (Minneapolis, MN)
One Chance Fancy (Denver, CO)
Peaks & Pasties (Denver, CO)
Rosa Lee Bloom & Violet D’Vine (Hot Springs, AR)
Ruby Sparkle (Denver, CO)
ShelBelle Shamrock (Dallas, TX)
Tatianna Tata & Marguerite (Denver, CO)